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In respect to the science disciplines, the goal of Genesis Forum Academy is to empower students to view their educational path in an objective manner.  To know that the orthodox science of today has a philosophical component that strives to make it the faith of our culture.  To realize that science is often presented in a dogmatic fashion; learning how to pierce that wall of dogmatism.  To be equipped to analyze the merits of science and to appreciate the value of wholesome scientific inquiry.  To see true science as a tool that God has given our individual and collective intellect that we might better our existence while here on earth.  To recognize that a student of science who bases his/her observations on the principles of the Bible will become the well-rounded scientist of the future.

As applied to the social science disciplines, the goal of Genesis Forum Academy is to instill in students the fundamental understanding that the Bible, from Genesis through Revelation, is God's HisStory; that it alone can be trusted to provide the historical timeline with its accounts of the origin of all things and its depiction of the End Times, and with its vivid details of the seven defining events of history:  The Creation, the Corruption, the Catastrophe, the Confusion, the coming of Christ, the Cross, and the Consummation.  Students will be equipped to unequivocally realize that the Bible is complete, consistent, concise, and it is correct.


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