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Although the link that brought you to this page is titled “Support,” it is really about stewardship, and how God supplies the resources that His ministries need in order to carry out their mission. Genesis Forum Academy has a standing policy of not soliciting funds, and as such is not considered a traditional “faith-based” entity. Rather, this work is based in faith, and is responsible for the stewardship of His resources.

As the Academy moves forward, and as we present the different aspects of the vision to the Lord for His direction, we desire to be ever sensitive to His leading. Funding is, of course, a concern; and this concern is, in turn, brought before Him for His provisions.

Since we do not solicit funds, we simply – and humbly – wait upon God to move in the minds and hearts of His people to be stewards of the resources He has given them; and as He prompts, they give in support.

We are doing God's work, and as such seek to realize the supernatural elements of Stewardship.  As such we strive to do things God's way and not Man's:

                                  Man's Way                        God's Way

                  Focus:            Power/Position                Submission

                  Emphasis:    Rights/Freedoms            Personal responsibility

                  Desire:           Gain for self                      Meet needs of others

                  Concern:        Immediate fulfillment      Lasting achievement

                  Yearning:       Praise of men                   Approval of God

                  Aspiration:     To be served                     To serve others

                  Need:             To push ahead                  For patience

                  Striving:          To lead men                      To follow God

                  Interest:          Competition                      Cooperation

                  Motivation:      Self-glorification               God's Glory


                                                                    -- Koinoina House, 2007


If you feel led to support this work, we invite you to join with us in the ministry goals of Genesis Forum Academy. Currently we can only accept contributions in check form. If you are led to make a contribution please contact:


Genesis Forum Academy
2715 West Kettleman Lane
Suite 203-107
Lodi, CA 95242

Genesis Forum Academy operates as a 501(c)3

educational ministry.  Donations are tax deductible.

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