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For years, those who hold to Divine Creation have tried unsuccessfully to free the minds of students educated in public schools to the alternative view of Origins from that of Darwinian Evolution, only to find the door nailed, and bolted shut from the inside by the likes of the ACLU, The National Academy of Sciences, The National Science Teachers Association, The National Center for Science Education, and others.  In the 1990 edition of the Science Framework for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve (adopted by the California State Board of Education, and published by the California Department of Education) this profound and condescending statement is given: 

"At times some students may insist that certain conclusions of science cannot be true because of certain religious or philosophical beliefs that they hold.  This is a difficult problem for these students and their families, and such difficulties should be acknowledged and respected.  It is appropriate for a teacher to express in this regard, 'I understand that you may have personal reservations about accepting this scientific evidence, but it is scientific knowledge about which there is no reasonable doubt among scientists in this field, and it is my responsibility to teach it because it is part of our common intellectual heritage.'”  (p.20, italic, emphasis, and underlining added.)

The Framework goes on to say this in its introduction:  “Philosophical and religious beliefs are based, at least in part, on faith and are not subject to scientific test and refutation.  Such beliefs should be discussed in the social science and language arts curricula.  The Board’s position has been stated in the Board’s adopted policy, Moral and Civic Education and Teaching About Religion, and in the History—Social Science FrameworkIf a student should raise a question in a natural science class that the teacher determines is outside the domain of science, the teacher should treat the question with respect.  The teacher should explain why the question is outside the domain of natural science and encourage the student to discuss the question further with his or her family and clergy.  (1988, p.xi; italic and underlining added.)

With this, the door to the science classroom was effectively barred shut to a  Creationist explanation, and the student inside was left to the whims of the orthodox curriculum, a frequently dogmatic teacher, and the scientific establishment to be brain-fed the naturalistic notions of evolutionary “science.”

In the 1990’s, the Intelligent Design movement tried to pry open the schoolhouse door so that students could learn alternative views to the doctrine of evolution in science classrooms, only to find the same obstinate resistance. Now, the new millennium – and advanced technologies – have rendered the old battles largely outmoded. 

With the advent of internet learning courses at colleges, universities, and even some high schools across the country, secondary students now have the opportunity to open the windows of their classroom and explore alternative viewpoints on their own, much as one opens the windows in their own rooms to let in fresh air.

Through Virtual Learning models, high school students can take inviting and invigorating science and history coursework on an independent basis in conjunction with their regular studies.  Cyber high schools that are rigorously designed to meet state and national education standards (exceeding them by offering consistent critical thinking and diverse learning experiences) and are accredited by recognized agencies can offer fully credited courses that students can complete and apply to their high school graduation requirements, whether they are in private, or public schools, or study in a home school environment.

Genesis Forum Academy is committed to developing such a high school academic program.  With the goal of bringing a fully integrated science and social science curriculum to the nation’s high school students, results will be manifest in more interactive study and discussions within the classrooms of America’s educational institutions.

The natural sciences can go only so far when it comes to answering and explaining the fundamental questions of life and our existence.  Students educated in the sciences and world history within the context of a Supernatural Creation will gain a perspective of life, the world, and the universe not available to them in the classrooms of today’s public schools.  Moreover, youth who take courses in history that are based on long established chronological records showing Providential care and guidance in the nature and the affairs of men can better understand and deal with the character of the cultures and the conflicts experienced in our present world community.  Such opportunities will be developed and provided to scholars, young and old, in the 21st Century.

We are currently seeking members for our life science (biology) curriculum development team. Ideal candidates would be retired and active high school and college/university biology instructors with curriculum development experience.

Although modest grant-stipends are offered for team members, working on this project will be largely the result of a passion and devotion for providing the youth of the world with a fully integrated, biblically-based high school science curriculum that will meet the highest educational standards, and be fully certified by public accrediting agencies.

A basic and fundamental requirement for team members is that they view the creation account of Genesis as a literal rendering of time and events. If you feel called to this challenge, contact us for more detailed information.

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Proposed Course Offerings
- survey course
- life science
- earth/physical science
- cosmology
- world history

courses currently in development
- survey course
- life science

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Although these courses are not designed for public school credit, they none-the-less present the life science, earth science, and astronomy subjects within a Creation context.  Presently this is an ideal choice for private and parocial school students, as well as for those who are home-schooled.

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