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Genesis Forum on Tour is an on-the-road ministry to small communities located in the American West, Midwest, and the corresponding Canadian provinces. Held in the traditional forum discussion format, programs and presentations are designed to demonstrate the insufficiency of the notion of Evolution while providing clear answers to issues of design in nature.

Three main areas of traditional science are covered, revealing the profound difference between biological evolution (Darwinism), historical geology (Uniformitarianism), and Big-Bang cosmology on the one hand; and on the other hand, biblical information based on historical accounts to show the Creator's purpose in the very existence we all experience.

A linear record and timeline of history is given, providing the participant with the assurance of a Personal Creator, and a Recent Creation.

Current Topics

                                     "Evolution As Myth " (Trilogy)

* Charley D. and the Doctrine of Doom   A presentation of the history of modern evolutionary thought using the Darwin Monkey statue, the Uniformitarian pillar, and the Naturalistic altar to show where we are today, and why.

* Charles Lyell and the Legacy of Time  Dealing with the notion of geological gradualism – Uniformitarianism.  A biblical model using Flood geology presumptions is included in this presentation.

* Isaac Newton and the Altar of Naturalism  How the work of Newton – the “Mechanical Universe” – has subsequently been used to undermine the authority of Scripture: Naturalism.  A number of the early creation scientists like Newton tended to be theists and deists in belief rather than trinitarian Christians.   These views are problematic for a correct understanding of both the Bible and science.

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Each of the three presentations listed above are designed as part of a 4-6 hour survey course, providing an overview of Evolution, Uniformitarianism, and Naturalism, in a simple, yet concise presentation format.


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