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In 1905 Albert Einstein made an insightful mental breakthrough that would change science and provide a profound paradox to the world of reason. Einstein proposed that the speed of light is the universal constant, and that distance and time are relative to it.  In other words, at light’s inherent velocity, distance is infinite (without dimension), and time is without duration!   From this insight and mathematical faculty came the E=mc2 formula, and some rudimentary understanding of the Energy/Motion/Matter continuum.

How is it possible to measure the velocity of a beam of light at 669,000,000 miles per hour while realizing that the same photon of light travels from point A to point B instantly regardless the distance?  This is an elementary paradox akin to that of a Non-Local Reality, where the interactions between phenomena do not diminish with distance; where such interactions can act instantaneously (faster even than the acknowledged “speed of light!”); and where such interactions between phenomena link up locations without crossing space!

Have you ever wondered about the credulity of a statement made by a Big Bang proponent to the effect that, based on the vast dimension of space between distant stars, that the universe must be billions of years old? You know this to be an absurd assertion, yet you haven’t a hint as to how to address such fallacious and incredulous information.

The S.T.A.R. Project has this goal:  Starlight Travel And (the theories of) Relativity – Einstein postulated the theory of Special Relativity; our mission is to explain the theory as a Recent Creation alternative to an Old-Age model of the universe.


A monogram is currently being composed in an initial effort to address this concern.   "Light-year Misapplied" is a seminal draft which will be part of a larger work dealing with Genesis chapter one, under the auspices of Genesis Forum Academy (Jan. 2007).   A prior work, "The Cosmic Mirage: Space, Time, and the Relative Age of the Universe" (1999) is also a considered resource in this project.


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