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The Church, Worldviews, and Revival-Formation

The goal of Genesis Forum: The Church, Worldviews, and Revival-Formation is to help turn individuals from religions seeking after God, to finding a relationship with God, who seeks after them.

The institutional church today has been compromised when it comes to the authority of God’s Word (the Bible) and there no longer exists a standard of spiritual and worldly guidance which believers and non-believers can turn to for direction when it comes to temporal and eternal affairs.

Without a firm foundation in an understanding of the Scriptures, human intellect and reason become the sole means with which to make the decisions in life in order to exist, as well as those necessary to ensure eternal life.

As a consequence, morals and ethics take on a relative nature with decisions and choices made depending on the situation at hand, as well as that of the pleasure/pain principle. Such conditions inevitably lead to personal as well as societal doom.

We must not forget that the Holy Spirit is surely at work in this time of crisis. The true Church is not a social institution; it is not a building; it is not a religious organization. Rather, the Church of Jesus Christ is actually His Bride, a part of His very Body – the Bride of Christ.

Working beyond the human vision of the church is a challenge which Genesis Forum Academy undertakes as a part of its ministry to bring renewal, revival, and reformation. The first “Reformation” occurred nearly 500 years ago, yet history has shown numerous revivals and periods of renewal over the past five centuries. The Academy is positioned to work with these movements as they develop and flourish.

When surveys show that half of all Americans don’t know that Genesis is the first book of the Bible, and half of identified Christians can’t name any of the four Gospels, it is easy to see that the churches of this land have been woefully derelict in the duty of teaching the lost of this world. And this lack of instruction has caused many within the Church to suffer a loss and lack of faith in the power and provision of God. There is much work which needs to be done!



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